Thank goodness, I’ve managed to save enough money and also found the perfect apartment for my dad to lead a peaceful retirement life. A very simple wish of every elderly person yet one of the most difficult tasks to accomplished. Isn’t it? The latest news from Oxley Holdings pertaining Kent Ridge Hill Residences, is of a residential development being redeveloped under a picturesque hilly area and with the comfort of all residents in mind.

The balcony of most apartment unit faces the green escalating slope of Kent Ridge Hill which is surrounding the private estate, therefore the home owners here will be enjoying the pleasure of great air quality and also a healthy environment from the kent ridge park. By staying health conscious in our old age is a must and living in such an environment will certainly diminish the need for constant medical attention.

The private residential estate offers an option of between 1 to 4-bedroom apartments for different type of purchasers. Besides the usual standard, there will also be townhouse landed home for the bigger family nucleus, a great fit for the elderly’s who have spent most of their lives toiling at work and simply hoping to retire comfortably with immediate family members.

All the apartment layouts in the development have been specially designed by developer, Oxley Spinel. For the convenience of all residents, they have a good combination of amenities and facilities so that each home owners will lead a good and happy life here. The flooring provided is made from non-slippery tiles that are both child and senior-friendly. The kitchen layout is sufficiently spacious so that they are not cluttered and uncomfortable and owners do not have to work within a limited space.

The former vista park that will be redeveloped by Oxley Spinel is surrounded by plenty of large trees in the backyard. The hills ensure the air is free of pollution, especially if you’re choosing one of the apartment unit on the higher floors. A daily dose of healthy, clean air will eliminate the need for frequent visit to the nearby National University Hospital (NUH).

Heavy monthly expenses are not a pleasant situation for most pensioners. Thus, Oxley have designed and incorporated the Kent Ridge Hill Residences with energy-saving fixtures. With the current energy savings company out vying for a market share in Singapore by providing cheaper electricity option to the citizens, every little savings goes a long way too!