Perfect for couples: Stirling Residence

Are you looking for the perfect apartment for you and your special one? Look no further, because Stirling Residence offers the perfect place for both of you. One of the largest residential projects in the area, this yet to complete condo development is one of the best current option if you like the tranquility and comfort of living in a residential area with beautiful spaces and green areas.

About Stirling Residence

This new residential project is designed for all type of residents and seek to stand out in the area as one of the best condos in the region in the coming years. Stirling Residence was conceptualized to offer different type of apartments, with different layout configuration of between 1 and 5 bedrooms, ideal for all kind of people interested in comfort and tranquility. The prices are close to being announced and if you want to be among the lucky residents, you can register online and stay up to date with everything related to the condo.

What does Stirling Residence offer?

A space designed for the comfort of its residents, this condo offers a great view thanks to its location and is being designed to avoid any discomfort generated by the vehicles of the nearby avenues, since it will be built in such a way that the noise of the cars does not penetrate the apartments. It will have all kinds of common areas, including the swimming pool, tennis court, childcare centre, BBQ pits and many more, ideal for a walk, a sunbathe or a relaxing time in its greenery lung areas. 

Benefits of living in Stirling Residence

Apart from all the amenities that the condo offers, you have a wide variety of options nearby, from shopping mall to food fairs, easy transportation and access to other parts of the city. Located along Stirling Road and Anchora Close, it is just minutes away from Queenstown MRT Station and the main avenues, making it easy to access public transportation. The shopping malls / Food Centers that can be found nearby are:

  • IKEA Alexandra
  • Anchorpoint Shopping Center
  • Alexandra Village Food Center
  • Mei Ling Market & Food Center
  • Queensway Shopping Center
  • Alexandra Central

With a wide variety of commercial premises available, you can enjoy the convenience of getting what you need to live just minutes from your home. Other options available if you want to simply go out with your partner is the ABC Brickworks Market & Food Center, where you can travel to taste the local food in a great environment.

For Every Taste

If having children is among your plan, Stirling Residence offer you a wide variety of spaces and schools, especially for young children. We can find good schools such as Alexandra Primary, Blangah Rise Primary, Chij Kellock, New Town Primary, Zhange Primary and Queenstown Primary among others, which makes this an ideal condo location for your future children. If you’re not having children as part of your plan yet, you can enjoy the extra comfort space and living the high life out of the bustling town, and yet without losing the easy convenient access to other parts of the city.

The ideal 2018 management model in newer condo projects to begin with Amber 45

Newly developed condo going hi-tech in 2018

Local Properties Update – Although it is the government’s plan to generate new condo management at a high-level income for the people of Singapore, the plan is ideal in many ways. This plan will help to stimulate the Singapore’s economy for the development of mega projects like Amber 45 Condo situated at 45 Amber Road in the eastern shore of the republic.

The management style of this mega condo project will continuously lead to the creation of definite networks in the digital operations sector. This virtual management application will aid in many areas for newer condo properties going forward, especially for developers as they can manage their new projects in all aspects remotely and conveniently.

In Singapore, it is certainly the perspective of the real estate industry as a work in progress to boost the trend for advanced technology in 2018. With that being said, there has been a slight slowing in 2017 but is expected to show some significant progress in 2018.

What does this mean for the real estate technology industry? It certainly means that there may be limits of access to some of the best talent in Singapore for the creativity that they bring to the property market. The tech giants in the digital real estate world of Singapore are the people who have the capabilities of revisioning the entire landscape, especially for the architectural design of newly developed condo facade.

Real estate companies that is more advanced today than the conventional ones will provide the intelligent leverage data, data that’s crucial enough to effectively generate newly developed strategies and plans for the future. This highly technological era is what brings the best outcome for new developments around Singapore moving forward.

What are the tech advantages in the digital real estate world throughout Singapore? There are many that makes for beneficial progress of development in new condo project developments, especially beneficial to potential home buyers as well as the developer of these new developments. Things to look forward in 2018 are certain and for new development projects along amber road are the latest trend to look out for.

We’ve seen the formation of top 3 largest property agencies in Singapore joining forces here in the past few days, they have successfully implemented an application from the industry for the industry. This is the first in history to have such a collaboration between rival agencies and it only goes to show that none of us are able to avoid the usage and the rise of technology disruption is to the local property marketplace.

Within the latest app that was launch, we are able to easily identify new condo projects such as Amber 45 in Katong area, Prime District 15. With such ready information on hand, it will be extremely beneficial to both property agents and home purchasers of Amber 45 condo going forward, it greatly reduce the hassle of browsing through different platforms for such details and it will be the beginning of a new era from here.

The 2020 Singapore Condo Market

Singapore Property –

While condo sales have been in a lacklustre marketplace for nearly past 5 years, there’s definitely some great news amid the rise in new development as prices are beginning to rise again after bottoming out since second half of 2017. If you are wondering whether you are in the right market timing to buy a Singapore condo, then you might be in luck with the rising positive market sentiments. Singapore condo investors are looking to jump back in the bandwagon, while it picks up the momentum. The burning question on potential buyer’s mind is with the rise in condo prices; Is it the right time to buy now?

Will condo buyers actually strike it rich after investing? New developments popping up in Singapore like Park Colonial, located at 309 Upper Serangoon Road and across from the Woodleigh MRT is developing a new condo for those looking to buy during the uptick of the property market. This is a trend that we can look forward to seeing up until 2020, and with such beliefs, the market will definitely remain stable and rise higher than it is today.

The market is finally rising after 15 consecutive quarters

With the saying everything that goes down must come back up again! And this is true with the market right now for Singapore condo prices. Indicative Prices of Park Colonial set by the developers are at a reasonable price point in the rising market despite some of the leading prices based on luxury condos in the Singapore arena. With good buying judgment and proper guidance, buyers are looking to buy these local new developments with optimism for their long-term investments. After the slump, investor and buyers will certainly benefit from the rise after a near 15 quarters low of property market decline.

One of the motives for this is likely due to the fact that the property decline has been induced through artificial measures, rather than the actual experience of the market crisis.

The measures, otherwise cooling measure of the market were introduced by the Singapore government. Forestalled condo prices from rising due to the speculation of the government. Lastly it was thought that this experience in decline would be a soft landing for the strong comeback of the private property market.

Singapore 2030 condo costs to be doubled?

With the predictions of the current Singapore condo market, the rise of 8% in property price shows that the market is rising higher and stabilizing again for Singapore. With this impending rise, many savvy investors and local developers are sure that it will continue until it doubles in 2030, making it the highest real estate market that Singapore has ever seen. Although uncertain, Singapore is still a place where condo development is highly desirable, especially for all that the condo really offer potential buyers.

Ready buyers who are buying now can look forward to a great future on their investments, especially if predictions are right about two years from now. With the new people moving into Singapore especially those bringing money with them, although there will be a predicted double of condo price the desirability will still stick with potential buyer as it will become more about the area in which they choose to live….as people say location beats all.

Therefore, latest property development at Woodleigh such as Park Colonial by Chip Eng Seng and Unique Real Estate along upper Serangoon road will be highly favoured by the masses, as it is right beside Stamford American International School as well as the Woodleigh Mrt Station operating on the north-east line through to the city centre for all resident’s convenience. We highly recommend to you guys in checking it out before the price increase to a level where it diminishes our nett profit from the investment point of view.

3 Cuscaden Walk Condo by SL Capital

If you are thinking of investing your hard earned money into buying a new home for yourself, you might find yourself to be in a dilemma. Thanks to there being so many options being presented right in front of you, you could be confused about which one you should go for. Even then, you would still find yourself to be leaning towards the newest 3 Cuscaden by SL Capital. By being located in a fantastic location, you would be able to find very few reasons to not love this place. Other than that, you would still like to know for sure if buying a luxury orchard condo would indeed be a good idea. If that would be the case, we suggest that you carry on reading in order to find out more about this matter.

Enjoy a great lifestyle

In terms of owning a home, there will be no doubt that you would like to live and enjoy a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. After all, this will be the least that you could expect when you would be shelling out so much of your money. Thanks for being a proud owner of 3 cuscaden walk condo, you would be able to unwind in the swimming pool area alone most of the time. This is due to the condo development offering many facilities and amenities that would make your living here ultra comfortable. On the other hand, if you would consider yourself to be a health buff, then you will find that the fitness center and gym here would also be installed with state of the arts technology. You will also be able to take advantage of some of the most luxurious amenities in the development such as library, game room, spas, and many more.

Meet new people

By purchasing a condo unit at 3 Cuscaden by SL Capital, you will get the opportunity of meeting many new high-society neighbours. This is something which you would find it to be quite rare in today’s era. With everyone being busy with their own families and lives, they really do not feel like interacting with other people after office hour. So, thanks to this, you would be able to find like-minded people and make new friends who would share common interests with you. This will also make meeting on special occasions all the more fun and memorable for everyone.

Design your dream home on a budget

By owning 3 Cuscaden, you will be able to design your dream home on a budget with the interior designer. When you come to think about it, this would indeed be incredible as the developer has already provided most of the luxurious fittings for residents. On the other hand, if you have an additional compact space, then it would be easy for you to furnish the space without breaking your wallet. This is because you will only be working on a limited strata area. However, that does not in any way mean that you would have to compromise on your style definitely.

Save more money

Lastly, you will also be able to save your hard-earned money by getting a condo unit at 3 Cuscaden by SL Capital. Even though this might be hard to believe, it is actually very true. This is because you would be putting your money towards owning something rather than renting. Meaning you will be paying off the capital amount on your own property rather than paying off so many thousands of dollars for others. As such, life just does not seem to get any better than this if you take the right steps now.

Guocoland Latest Condo Development

Guocoland Latest Condo Development

Hello friends, are you aware of the latest residential development by GuocoLand Limited? It was named as Martin Modern by the developer based on the street name. As to why it is modern, perhaps it really is a very modern condo to begin with, I don’t know but let’s look into it.

Firstly, the location of Martin Modern Condo fronts both Martin Place and River Valley Close. A prime district 9 locale for the affluent community. It is in the heart of an area where residents would be able to travel by foot in order to explore the wide surrounding of entertainment options.

Places such as great world city, somerset, orchard, Mohamed sultan, Robertson quay and Clarke quay. Wouldn’t it sound exciting while you’re reading along the lines? With such a great combination of having retail therapy along the shopping belt, a myriad of local and international cuisines and night entertainment spots around you, who can resist?

If you have a vehicle of your own, it would be even better since everywhere seeming to be in close-proximity to Martin Modern. But if you’re not, you can also walk to the upcoming great world mrt station running on the Thomson east coast line for your public transport traveling.

The Journey of Martin Modern Condo

This plot of land parcel was released for sale by the Urban Redevelopment of Singapore (URA) via a public tender order. After beating the rest of the keen bidders, Guocoland had emerged as the highest winning bidder for this government site at a $1239 per square foot per plot ratio price point.

A record and setting a benchmark in the immediate neighbourhood, with such pricing entering the market, it only reflects the hunger of developers as well as the overall positive sentiment on the local housing market going forward.

Guocoland will be working alongside a top award-winning architecture firm for designing this condo as well as a top main contractor for this modern and luxurious development. They will be transforming the entire development into beautiful jungle premise experience for the exclusive residents. They will also be building only 450 quality homes within the two tower blocks to reduce the highly projected population intensity as observed by many market analysts.

So, if you are familiar with this area and you’re still sitting on the fence waiting for a thunder storm, you will probably miss this train and have to take a plane at a later stage. But if you’re not well orientated around here, please come by and experience the kind of lifestyle here before you make the decision for yourself and your family.

The Opus Condo Showroom

The Opus Condo Showroom

The Opus Condo Showroom

The Opus is open to all elements of the Singapore City, because of the development’s well connectivity via express lanes and major public transport nodes. MRT station close by will be the up and coming Tanjong Katong MRT Station which will then be linked to all track lines. Planning a trip to the Central Business Region (CBD) will take only about ten mins and planning a trip to Orchard Purchasing District is approximately 14 mins. The Opus Condo showroom will be open to the public prior to the launch of the house.

Buying your first residential property can be stressful and change your life significantly. Nevertheless, the strain that comes with investing on a home could be relieved through understanding of real estate procedures. Here are a few suggestions to better show you what’s ahead, which means that your buying experience for the opus condo will be as even as possible.

Don’t be too strong in your buying negotiations. Overly-aggressive bargaining strategies often backfire. Be comfortable with your desires and allow your attorney and Real estate agent to be there during your negotiations given that they have the knowledge in such battlefields.

When you’re considering shifting, take the time to explore the immediate region of your potential purchase in the internet. Nearly every district has lots of information on the web. Consider all the area’s demographics: human profile, employment rate, income, the maximum households with kids and the common age of the residents, before committing to a smart property purchase. If you are preparing to purchase a big and costly private home along amber road, choose a reliable marriage partner.

Qualifying for a huge loan is more challenging for an individual buyer as compared to a partnership. A partner might help with the down payment and the credit that’s needed to get you certified for a housing loan. Ensure that you appear positive towards the near future whenever you are searching for a new home as you might be childless now, but still it doesn’t harm to consider amenities such as college institutions if you think you may stay in the opus condo for many years to come.

Exercise brain flexibility when coming up with decisions. You certainly won’t be getting everything on your wish list but narrowing it right down to a couple of things you absolutely need to have can provide you a whole lot of what you would like. If you can’t find the home you need in the positioning you desire, search for that kind of layout within an alternative area or vice versa. If you are buying a property, standby some extra pocket money to ensure that you pay for those additional costs which may arise.

Buyers discover your closing costs via adding your deposit, the lender points, and the true property taxes that are pro-related. Quite often, closing costs such as corporate improvement bonds, college taxes and other factors. If you wish to have an excellent return on you’re the opus condo, do make an effort for some redecorating. The worthiness of the home increases immediately after doing this sort of work. Your worth might well raise a lot more than your initial investment.

This is the perfect time to carefully turn to property as an investment. The casting bubble providers have popped, so home prices are insane levels once again. When investing in a house for your individual use, research the true estate marketplace in your city and use a professional local agent. The marketplaces will go up once again someday, so any expense you make now could have positive returns in the future.

Move online to check if there are any criminal offenders in the region around the houses you are buying. Despite the fact being data on criminal offenders is certainly publicly obtainable, therefore don’t be too sure that realtors and home retailers with experience are obligated to provide this information to you.

Doing all your own homework is simple and is required. Be prepared for a home loan before searching for houses. It is extremely discouraging to get the perfect home and then discover you can’t get yourself a loan for this. Another cause to pre-qualify is normally that the mortgage approval process could be lengthy, therefore it’s better to be ready in advance.

Always research your facts before purchasing something such as the opus condo at amber gardens. Performing hastily and purchasing real estate on a whim is usually how you will finish up producing uninformed, regrettable decisions. Be sure you understand about the marketplace, local incomes, home ideals and details on the local academic institutions before you make a buying decision.

If you program to buy all or a few of a building for starting a business, be certain that it is in an excellent neighbourhood with ample development opportunities. You won’t have the ability to establish a sizable clientele if your business is in a rough community.

Check with your Realtor about the very best neighbourhood to open your business. By applying the ideas that you received in this post, home-buying can be easy. Be ready for a range of circumstances that may arise through the procedure of purchasing your house though.