Hougang – Where is The Florence Residence located in D19

Hougang – Where is The Florence Residence located in D19

This new residence will be a redeveloped project in District 19 of Singapore, an established private residential enclave site that is developed on a massive 389,000 sq. ft plot of land which is thought to house approximately 1,410 residential homes. All the unit floor plan layout configurations are not yet available as of writing but there will certainly be many different layouts to cater for the diverse preference of home seekers in our local market. This new project will also be in proximity to both Kovan and Hougang MRT station, a highly preferred mode of transportation by most Singaporeans and tourists.

The name of this beautiful development is named after the former Florence Regency, created by Florence Development Pte Ltd (subsidiary of Logan Property Holdings) since winning the en-bloc acquisition of the previous HUDC turned private property estate. The status of this huge government site remains as condominium zoning and it is located along hougang avenue 2 and florence road. A matured low rise landed estate in the north eastern region of Singapore operating on the purple railway network route.

There are many commercial activities around the neighbourhood and in some shopping centres in the vicinity that include Hougang Mall, Serangoon Nex Shopping Mall, Heartland Mall, Kang Kar Mall and Ang Mo Kio Hub.

New residents will be offered a premium and comfortable accommodation in this hougang condo due to the large land size it sits on, more than a hundred amenities were already planned for in this latest development by Logan Property, a Hong Kong listed company.

The environment of this neighbourhood is calm and serene while escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. For those who are keen to explore outdoors may also find some famous recreational corridors for their quiet respite alone.

Conveniently located just under 20 minutes of drive from Orchard Road shopping belt and 30 minutes from the central business district Shenton Way by utilising the MRT. It is a city fringe locale by walking 7 minutes from home to access Hougang and/or Kovan MRT Station. If you’re a frequent traveller or your job requires you to, you can easily reach Changi International Airport in just 10 minutes by car.

By now, we are pretty confident that you will like The Florence Residence by Logan Property, to keep yourself updated with the latest information prior to the grand opening of show flat, register your interest online now. You will be surprised by the scale of this impressive new launch condo in hougang.

Dad Will Be Retiring Well at Kent Ridge Hill

Dad Will Be Retiring Well at Kent Ridge Hill

Thank goodness, I’ve managed to save enough money and also found the perfect apartment for my dad to lead a peaceful retirement life. A very simple wish of every elderly person yet one of the most difficult tasks to accomplished. Isn’t it? The latest news from Oxley Holdings pertaining Kent Ridge Hill Residences, is of a residential development being redeveloped under a picturesque hilly area and with the comfort of all residents in mind.

The balcony of most apartment unit faces the green escalating slope of Kent Ridge Hill which is surrounding the private estate, therefore the home owners here will be enjoying the pleasure of great air quality and also a healthy environment from the kent ridge park. By staying health conscious in our old age is a must and living in such an environment will certainly diminish the need for constant medical attention.

The private residential estate offers an option of between 1 to 4-bedroom apartments for different type of purchasers. Besides the usual standard, there will also be townhouse landed home for the bigger family nucleus, a great fit for the elderly’s who have spent most of their lives toiling at work and simply hoping to retire comfortably with immediate family members.

All the apartment layouts in the development have been specially designed by developer, Oxley Spinel. For the convenience of all residents, they have a good combination of amenities and facilities so that each home owners will lead a good and happy life here. The flooring provided is made from non-slippery tiles that are both child and senior-friendly. The kitchen layout is sufficiently spacious so that they are not cluttered and uncomfortable and owners do not have to work within a limited space.

The former vista park that will be redeveloped by Oxley Spinel is surrounded by plenty of large trees in the backyard. The hills ensure the air is free of pollution, especially if you’re choosing one of the apartment unit on the higher floors. A daily dose of healthy, clean air will eliminate the need for frequent visit to the nearby National University Hospital (NUH).

Heavy monthly expenses are not a pleasant situation for most pensioners. Thus, Oxley have designed and incorporated the Kent Ridge Hill Residences with energy-saving fixtures. With the current energy savings company out vying for a market share in Singapore by providing cheaper electricity option to the citizens, every little savings goes a long way too!

Choosing your perfect residential unit in Mayfair Collection

Choosing your perfect residential unit in Mayfair Collection

As the head of the family, purchasing a family home will be a big decision in one’s life. It’s location, unit size, space functionality, nearby facilities and the entire neighbourhood in general will directly affect your family’s life quality. Depending on the number of your family members and plans into the future for them, choosing one of the ideal apartment in Mayfair Collection could prove to be a difficult ‘moment’.

So, what are the available options? Fortunately, there isn’t a myriad of choices here and it breaks down to having only a few residential unit types within the beautiful development along dunearn road, upper bukit timah. Potential home purchasers can opt between a bedroom layout to 4-bedroom unit type configuration for extended families.

The two-bedroom apartment is perfect for a newly-wed couple or a family with one single child. It has a master bedroom and a common room, where it can be a multi-functional, all-purpose room, child’s room or guest room including a living and dining area, kitchen and common bathroom.

The three-bedroom unit is a standard property asset, suitable for families with 2 or 3 kids. There are two bedrooms that can be easily organized as both child’s bedroom and/or study room. A master bedroom, living & dining area, kitchen, common bathroom and horizontal communications. The four-bedroom apartment will be suitable for larger families. It has two common bedrooms, one junior-master bedroom, a master bedroom, yard, toilet, kitchen and spacious dining and living area.

Common Characteristics? All residential homes in Mayfair Collection by Oxley will reap and enjoy the amenity benefits resulting from the project’s amazingly functional site plan positioning. The condo towers and thematic gardens will be placed over the sprawling 200,000 square feet (plot 1 & 2) site area. Home hunters could be spoilt for choices between all the 386 units within the development as each unit does have some specific peculiarities as mentioned by the analysts. However, the individual apartments are generally organized into three main types that differ in unit sizes, orientation and the different floors.

On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about the quality of certain units as the orientation of all residential units is set in a way that prevents overheating of the interior space. Most of the dwelling units in Mayfair Collection will have a beautiful view to the proposed garden and the neighbourhood. All residents will have equal access to the common area, stairs, evacuation stairs, elevators and the in-house facilities. The architectural firm appointed by Oxley Holdings made sure that none of the units were deprived of natural light source and the landscape area ratio was determined, designed and constructed according to the national residential planning requirements.

The Tre Ver Could Be The Best Investment Option

The Tre Ver Could Be The Best Investment Option

Investing one’s spare cash in real estate asset has always been a profitable option based on historical data. Rather than risky shares and stocks, many people prefer to purchase a condo and put it on the market for passive rental income. But the condo must have certain qualities that would attract prospective tenants, isn’t it? With The Tre Ver condo located at Potong Pasir Avenue 1, a centralised location to begin with, it won’t go wrong. The housing project faces the picturesque Kallang River and most of the condo units will have a beautiful view of the crystal-clear waters.

When the upscale Raintree Gardens was purchased by developers in 2016, the world renowned architectural firm WOHA were selected to redesign the condominium development in place of the old township. True to their reputation, the architects have designed each condo by keeping utility, comfort and aesthetic value in mind.

Value for money

When one purchases an apartment for profits rather than personal use, the surrounding amenities play a huge role in one’s decision. In that case, The Tre Ver condos are a win-win option. The homes are being built on land where there is already a prestigious housing complex in existence. The approaching road, infrastructures, shopping areas, markets, colleges, recreational centers, entertainment zones, health centers, and other basic requirements are already in place as construction of the new condos has begun.

Asia’s largest shopping mall, the Nex Mall in Serangoon is very close to the residential development. The City Square Mall is also within easy reach of the housing project. Besides these, other architects have planned two additional malls in the township itself – The Poiz Center and the Woodleigh Mall. These malls are all-in-one multiplexes to cater to different interest and needs of people. These amenities are surely a plus point while seeking out prospective tenants for your investment home.

For families with children

There are prestigious schools like the Cedar Girl’s High School and the St. Andrew’s High School that offer good quality education. The St. Andrew’s Junior College offers students a very holistic standard educational route. For those who are seeking an elitist school, the nearby Stamford American International School is a perfect choice.

To it sum up, buying one of The Tre Ver condo unit will produce high returns on investment. One can put the apartment on rent and earn a good amount of passive income while gaining the capital appreciation over time. When the price is right, you can sell it off at a neat profit too. Considering the locale and the amenities, the owners can charge a higher rental than in neighbouring areas too!

Perfect for couples: Stirling Residence

Are you looking for the perfect apartment for you and your special one? Look no further, because Stirling Residence offers the perfect place for both of you. One of the largest residential projects in the area, this yet to complete condo development is one of the best current option if you like the tranquility and comfort of living in a residential area with beautiful spaces and green areas.

About Stirling Residence

This new residential project is designed for all type of residents and seek to stand out in the area as one of the best condos in the region in the coming years. Stirling Residence was conceptualized to offer different type of apartments, with different layout configuration of between 1 and 5 bedrooms, ideal for all kind of people interested in comfort and tranquility. The prices are close to being announced and if you want to be among the lucky residents, you can register online and stay up to date with everything related to the condo.

What does Stirling Residence offer?

A space designed for the comfort of its residents, this condo offers a great view thanks to its location and is being designed to avoid any discomfort generated by the vehicles of the nearby avenues, since it will be built in such a way that the noise of the cars does not penetrate the apartments. It will have all kinds of common areas, including the swimming pool, tennis court, childcare centre, BBQ pits and many more, ideal for a walk, a sunbathe or a relaxing time in its greenery lung areas. 

Benefits of living in Stirling Residence

Apart from all the amenities that the condo offers, you have a wide variety of options nearby, from shopping mall to food fairs, easy transportation and access to other parts of the city. Located along Stirling Road and Anchora Close, it is just minutes away from Queenstown MRT Station and the main avenues, making it easy to access public transportation. The shopping malls / Food Centers that can be found nearby are:

  • IKEA Alexandra
  • Anchorpoint Shopping Center
  • Alexandra Village Food Center
  • Mei Ling Market & Food Center
  • Queensway Shopping Center
  • Alexandra Central

With a wide variety of commercial premises available, you can enjoy the convenience of getting what you need to live just minutes from your home. Other options available if you want to simply go out with your partner is the ABC Brickworks Market & Food Center, where you can travel to taste the local food in a great environment.

For Every Taste

If having children is among your plan, Stirling Residence offer you a wide variety of spaces and schools, especially for young children. We can find good schools such as Alexandra Primary, Blangah Rise Primary, Chij Kellock, New Town Primary, Zhange Primary and Queenstown Primary among others, which makes this an ideal condo location for your future children. If you’re not having children as part of your plan yet, you can enjoy the extra comfort space and living the high life out of the bustling town, and yet without losing the easy convenient access to other parts of the city.